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If you want to enjoy Vienna for FREE but at the same time in a personal way with a personal local expert

JOIN my free walking tour «THE SECRETS OF VIENNA» created to help the visitors to break out from mass-market tours and to explore the city’s historic monuments, culture treasures and main attractions in a different way and to gain an insider view on what really makes Vienna one of the most fascinating places in the world.

After all while discovering a new city what really matters

is NOT what you see,

but HOW you see it!

 But looking is not experiencing, and seeing is not understanding.

With your locally certified guide you will have an opportunity to understand the city’s rich history and to know the secrets of the most famous sights of Vienna in an educational, entertaining and eye-opening manner!

Local guide in Vienna

Tours with Olga,

Certified tourist guide in Austria

 What to expect:

  • small groups up to 5-8 Persons,


  • the professional guide with the 17 years of guided tours experience, enthusiastic about sharing what she loves most about her city with visitors looking for more than a canned recitation of dates and facts, and passionate about explaining the difference between Gothic and Romanesque architecture, for example, (if you really want to know) as well as telling anecdotes and legends or giving practical advice about local restaurants and places of interests.
  •  interactive tour, more like a discussion than a lecture


  • your guide’s full attention


  • possibility to ask as many questions as you want and to take as many photos as you want


  • to be treated not like a client but like a guest guided in personal way!

Sighseeing tour in Vienna

Meeting point:

dayli: 14.00-16.30

free! pay how much you are satisfied

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